Just another project aimed at the preservation of national music and art tradition

The “Armenian National Instruments” album created owing to the partnership between VivaCell-MTS, the RA Ministry of Culture, “ProArt” Company, and released by the well-known Austrian company “SONY” DADC, has taken its respectable place in Hovhannes Sharambeyan Centre for Popular Creation, one of the oldest buildings in Dilijan. In the 19th century, it served as a summerhouse for Duchess Mariam Tumanyan. During the Soviet period the building became a center of folk art, later it acquired the status of the Dilijan branch of the Folk Art Museum. The reorganization of the building into a museum was carried out on the initiative of painter Hovhannes Sharambeyan, who had relocated to Dilijan from Van. He had participated also in the design and planning of old streets of Dilijan. Today the museum is a unique meeting place for artists in Dilijan.

The “Armenian Folk Instruments” album comprising eight discs is a valuable cultural heritage for future generations. It is a collection of works for duduk, kanon, kamancha, tar, more than 10 national instruments in total. The digital album released in 1000 copies has been created on the basis of recordings of the Armenian Public Radio and private collections. Some of the best designers, translators, sound engineers, musicologists, and artists in Armenia have been engaged in the project, and the works included in the album were performed by famous musicians.

The folk music complements the exhibitions of the museum, while also awakening interest towards Armenian musical instruments, thus enlivening the cultural life in the region. The album is not for sale and will be provided to institutions supporting the propagation of folk music.

“Culture is the spirit of a people. While keeping up with the time, we have to keep pure the source that nurtures us. Unexpected as it may sound, regions’ role in that is huge. It’s not occasional we are here: if you have managed to conserve this 19th century building and turn it into a museum, then this collection of musical pieces for national instruments is in the place it’s meant to be. These recordings are truly values, and I hope will serve for preservation of national music and arts,” said VivaCell-MTS General Manager Ralph Yirikian.

To remind, earlier, with the joint efforts of the partnering organizations, “Golden Collection of the Armenian Public Radio”, “Aram Khachaturyan-110”, “Komitas-145” albums were published. The set of digital discs comprising the four albums has been added to the collection of the Public Radio of Armenia. By the decision of the collaborating parties, all the above-mentioned albums were donated to the museum.

VivaCell-MTS has allocated AMD 89 mln in social investment, for the implementation of the project.

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